Can Drinking Milk Make Me Gain Weight?

Yes, drinking milk may make you gain weight if you consume a lot of it. As you know, there are several varieties of milk, including skim, 1%, 2% and whole.  There are also organic varieties that are free of unwanted proteins, hormones and more. Drinking too much whole milk can pack on the weight because it is high in calories and fat content. If you consume skim milk, which is low in fat or contains no fat, you will most likely not gain weight. However, the more reduced fat the milk, the more sugar you will find in the variety. Drinking too much of anything, but water, is often not recommended on a weight loss program, so it is best to stick to the low fat varieties and consume in moderation.

If you are drinking whole milk everyday, in excess of two glasses, the chances of you gaining weight are high.  Whole milk contains about 150 calories in one glass and is approximately 4% milk fat. Simply doing the math will indicate that whole milk is not good for your weight loss efforts. If you are making protein shakes, it is best to opt for a low calorie almond milk or soy-based variety that offers 40 calories in an eight ounce glass. Too much milk will cause you to gain weight, so drink it only on a restricted basis.

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