Does Drinking Beer Make You Fat?

Drinking beer does make you fat if you over-consume it!  As with anything related to weight loss, moderation is crucial.  In order to not get fat drinking beer, you should not over consume food or drinks.  Beer contains nothing but empty calories and should be avoided on any weight loss plan.  If you are looking to avoid the beer gut, then the best choice is to stay away from the beer. Unless you choose light beer and drink it only on occasion, you may be at risk for increasing your waistline and packing on the fat.

Most regular beers contain up to 300 plus calories per bottle or can.  There are a wide variety of light beers, that if you must consume, can be better for your waistline.

Most weight loss enthusiasts recommend laying off the beer while trying to lose weight.  Beer packs on the pounds and should be avoided.  However, light beer varieties can be selected at nearly half the calorie content of regular beer.  There are a large number of light beers that offer under 100 calories per serving.  In fact, Budweiser Select 55 offers just 55 calories per bottle.  There are not many beers with a lower calorie content and if you must select a beer product, this one is it.  Regular beer can pack on the pounds, so avoid it when trying to lose weight and keep it off.

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