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$9 Burger VS $98 Burger

$9 Burger VS $98 Burger, expert Chef Frank and home cook Lorenzo are back, swapping their recipes and ingredients for your culinary viewing pleasure. We gave Lorenzo $98 worth of ingredients and Frank’s notebook to make the best burger he could (with an assist from food scientist Rose!) On the other side, Frank received $9 […]

Vance’s INCREDIBLE 365-day Weight Loss Transformation will BLOW YOU AWAY!

Vance’s INCREDIBLE 365-day Weight Loss Transformation is a video we found on YouTube. If YOU want to see Vance’s TRANSFORMATION, watch this inspirational video! We’ll check in with him from time to time to see how he’s doing! (Visited 1023 times, 1 visits today)

Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Veggie Burgers

Jamie Oliver is all about the veg: Watch him make his roasted black bean burgers with a Zingy Salsa! (Visited 858 times, 1 visits today)

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Can Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Coffee does not make you gain weight unless you drink it along with the consumption of junk food and highly processed foods. Drinking coffee alone does not make you gain weight, but actually slightly elevates your metabolism to prevent weight gain. Research studies are not definitive if coffee is the culprit in weight gain prevention, […]

Are Pringles Gluten Free?

Are Pringles Gluten Free? Once you pop, the fun don’t stop is the slogan for Pringles. However, does the fun stop for gluten sufferers? Not a single brand of Pringles is gluten free, making this popular brand of potato chips unsafe for people dealing with celiac disease and for people with a gluten sensitivity. Pringles […]

Are Raisins Good For You?

Raisins are good for your digestive tract. They come in a variety of colors and offer the body a rich source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. They contain antioxidants which help prevent disease and thwart premature aging symptoms. The antioxidants found in them help protect against age related sicknesses and diseases. The antioxidant properties found […]

Does Cranberry Juice Make You Poop?

If you drink pure Cranberry Juice in excess, it can make you poop. The more pure the juice, the more time you may be spending in the bathroom. Cranberry juice contains a number of antioxidants that are designed to eliminate waste from your body. The purer the juice, the more natural ingredients are found.  The fruit […]
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