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Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Veggie Burgers

Jamie Oliver is all about the veg: Watch him make his roasted black bean burgers with a Zingy Salsa! (Visited 304 times, 1 visits today)

20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight…

Here are 20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight, and its a GREAT video & a fantastic list of things you should be eating… BUT, always check with your Doctor before making any changes to your diet! (Visited 229 times, 1 visits today)

$9 Burger VS $98 Burger

$9 Burger VS $98 Burger, expert Chef Frank and home cook Lorenzo are back, swapping their recipes and ingredients for your culinary viewing pleasure. We gave Lorenzo $98 worth of ingredients and Frank’s notebook to make the best burger he could (with an assist from food scientist Rose!) On the other side, Frank received $9 […]

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Does Fat Turn Into Muscle?

Fat cannot turn into muscle from working out or lifting weights, no matter what you do. It must be burned and lost, but cannot restructure itself to become muscle. This is a myth that must be dispelled. There is no biological way for fat to be converted to muscle or vice-versa. The body can only […]

Are Grapes Good for Weight Loss?

Grapes are a convenient, easily accessible fruit that are great for weight loss. They make for a delicious breakfast, a yummy snack, or a tasty after-dinner dessert. One bunch of grapes weighing 105 grams has approximately 104 calories with the bulk coming from carbohydrates. The carbohydrate in the form of fructose is easily digested and […]

Are Avocados Fattening?

Yes, avocados are fattening, but considered to be full of the good fat. Avocados are full of nutrition, including 15 grams of unsaturated fat in one medium sized avocado. Avocados supply a healthy source of unsaturated fat, not the saturated fat you find in fast food, junk food or fried pastries. Avocados are considered one […]

Are Heath Bars Gluten Free?

Heath bars are a popular candy bar that is enjoyed by people across the globe. Those with gluten-related problems have wondered if they, too, can enjoy the popular candy bar and if heath bars are gluten free.  We have the details listed below. Heath bars are made of toffee and chocolate, both of which do […]
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