How to NOT Gain Weight When Quitting Smoking!

Will I Gain Weight if I Quit Smoking” is probably the #1 question we consistently get… One of the side effects to smoking is that it typically curbs a person’s appetite.  When a person quits smoking, the common belief is that weight gain will occur.  While it may be common, weight gain is avoidable.

Smoking acts as an appetite suppressant because it inhibits the sense of smell and taste.  When a person quits smoking, they regain their ability to smell and taste.  Food actually becomes more appealing to the former smoker and eating becomes an enjoyable event.  Some former smokers begin snacking as a means of taking their mind off of smoking, and exchanging one habit for another.  When this becomes commonplace, weight gain is inevitable.

The nicotine in cigarettes or tobacco products raises the metabolic rate slightly and causes a person to burn a few extra calories while smoking.  When the person quits smoking, the metabolism may slow a little causing minimal weight gain.

The largest impact on weight is the consumption of food.  It is important for people who are quitting smoking to incorporate healthy eating habits, avoid snacking on highly processed and sugary treats, and establish a consistent exercise routine into their everyday lifestyle.

The benefits of a smoke-free life far outweigh the detrimental health impacts caused by smoking. You must be willing to risk gaining a few pounds at first in order to live a longer and healthier life.

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