Are Grits Healthy?

Grits are healthy because of their make up corn, water and salt. There are a not a lot of preservatives in grits and they are considered to be one of the more natural forms of cereal one can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Remember the ‘Grits’ scene in “My Cousin Vinny?”

Grits are extremely high in fiber which is why most consider them to be healthy. The fiber content found in grits helps to keep your stomach full for longer periods of time. Most cereals are high in carbohydrates but low in fiber, therefore causing you to be hungry shortly after you have consumed a bowl. Grits, on the other hand, fill you up and help you to remain satiated for longer periods of time.

Also, because of the fiber content found in grits, your digestive system becomes more efficient. Regular and consistent bowel movements may occur and there may be reduced symptoms of bloating.

Grits are also rich in nutrients, such as vitamin B. This vitamin helps break down fats in your diet and adds to the promotion of energy. A diet rich in vitamin B can help you to feel like you have sustained energy throughout the day. Your body will wake up feeling refreshed and remain full of energy throughout the day.

Grits are a lean food that contain a healthy balance of good quality carbs and protein.

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