Does Dancing Help You Lose Weight?

Dancing does help you lose weight if you make it part of your diet and exercise plan. You may not shed the weight you want if you dance at a club once a week, but regular dance classes or exercise programs that incorporate dance can help you shed some unwanted pounds. When you work up a sweat dancing, you burn energy and calories. Dancing for a half an hour can burn 150-200 calories, depending on the type of dancing performed.

Hip hop and Zumba dancing burn a lot of calories. Some women report an hour Zumba class providing 350-400 calories being burned. While this form of dance does require you to break a sweat and continue moving in order to burn calories, it can be done if you have the energy for it. Implementing a regular routine of dance for at least three to five days a week can help you lose weight.

Dance is fun and lively. Most people who enjoy dance will never quit because they never grow bored of doing it. Dance classes are a great way to meet others and provide accountability in your weight loss efforts. Grab a friend and do it together! The rewards and benefits of dancing can be more than just weight loss.

Your heart will thank you for continuing to move and groove on the dance floor!

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