Are Sunflower Seeds Good For You?

Sunflower Seeds are one of those ‘magic’ foods that are good for you and your overall health. There are a number of health reasons why you should be eating sunflower seeds. Let’s take a look…

First of all, sunflower seeds contain a large dose of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. Vitamin E works to rid the system of free radicals that can lead to heart disease, cellular damage and other conditions. Their antioxidant properties can help regulate the circulatory system and make things run smoother and more efficient. According to researchers, sunflower seeds can help you with a reduction of symptoms associated with arthritis.

Selenium is also a trace mineral found in sunflower seeds which helps vitamin E do its job as an antioxidant. It can help you with the improvement of DNA repair, damaged cell synthesis and the prevention of cancer cell growth. You can slow Heart Disease, if not prevent it, with regular consumption

They also contain both magnesium and folic acid, both of which are highly beneficial to the body. Magnesium works to lower a person’s blood pressure and prevent asthma attacks. Doctors recommend them to asthma patients who experience regular attacks. Folate, or folic acid, is beneficial in improving one’s heart health and lowering the risk of developing heart conditions and diseases.

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