Does Cranberry Juice Clean Your System?

Cranberry Juice can be effective in cleaning your system from toxins and free radicals because of its antioxidant properties. While it may not be the cure-all, cranberry juice is helpful in improving kidney and bladder health.

One of the biggest benefits of cranberry juice is that it treats and prevents a urinary tract infection. It does this by cleaning out your bladder and urinary tract. The more natural the juice the better. Its’ Hippuric Acid that works to acidify the urine and reduce the risk of bacteria to adhere to the wall of the bladder. E-coli is responsible for most urinary tract infections. When a person drinks natural cranberry juice they significantly lower the risk by eliminating the bacteria.

Cranberry juice can also keep your system free from kidney stones.  Research shows that a person who drinks one glass of natural cranberry juice has a lower risk of developing kidney stones. This is because of the amount of Quinic Acid found within the cranberry fruit.

Cranberry juice is a powerful for cleaning your system from toxins and free radicals that deter health and speed up the aging process.  Drinking one glass a day can be quite helpful.  It is important to drink natural juice and watch the sugar content – just keep it as natural as you can.

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