How Many Calories Are Burned From Rollerblading?

Rollerblading has been a popular sport in years past, but weight loss enthusiasts are still taking advantage of its calorie burning properties. There are as many as 800 calories burned from rollerblading in just one hour. Rollerblading is a full body sport that combines cardiovascular with strength training. The legs are significantly worked while rollerblading causing this major muscle group to increase in strength while burning calories.

A relatively fit person, for one hour and burn 800 or more calories. This vigorous aerobic activity is a great one for burning a lot of calories and keeping fit. Rollerblading up hills burns even more calories than skating along a flat terrain. If you implement a few hills into your workout, you can burn an additional 200 calories in an hour. This number can increase the more intense the hills are as the legs are required to work a lot harder.

Rollerblading keeps the heart rate up for long periods of time. When the heart is engaged in the physical activity, at an intense level, more calories are burned. The calories burned from rollerblading can be significant and cause you to lose weight over time.

Combined with a healthy diet, rollerblading can provide a great and fun way to lose weight and keep it off.

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