Does Exercise Increase Testosterone Levels?

Yes, exercise and diet are both natural ways to increase Testosterone Levels in Men. Exercise is one way to increase lean muscle, shed fat, promote libido and improve mental health!

Studies show that regular exercise improves the testosterone levels in men significantly, and in women every so slightly. Women contain trace levels of testosterone and exercise seems to elevate the level a small amount. This does not mean, however, that women who work out will become bulky and deep-voiced. Men on the other hand can expect to see their testosterone levels elevated through exercise.

When testosterone levels decrease, a male may become lethargic, depressed and even gain weight.  It is the male sex hormone, known as testosterone, that actually promotes the opposite effect. Even small amounts of elevated testosterone in the body helps increase energy, regulate the mood, improve muscle strength and endurance, and increase bone formation.

Some of the best exercises to increase testosterone include high intensity strength training, such as leg squats, leg presses, shoulder presses and core exercises. Any exercise that improves muscle endurance works to increase the testosterone level. Weights should be heavy enough to cause exertion and enough reps performed to cause a sweat.

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