Will Muscle Milk Make You Gain Weight?

Muscle Milk is a protein supplement drink or powder that can make you gain weight, if that is the result you are after. Muscle Milk is used by nutritionists as a supplement for individuals who are underweight and need to gain a few extra pounds. Muscle milk is highly nutritious but contains additional calories to assist with weight gain.  For those looking to lose weight, muscle milk may not be the option, although there is a light version of the drink that is low in calories and fat content.

Muscle milk can be consumed two to three times a day to fuel the body with additional protein.  If you are looking to gain weight and muscle, the additional protein will help.  To gain weight, calories should not be restricted.  Muscle milk should be consumed in addition to the normal food intake in order to pack on a few extra pounds.  Hard gainers in the bodybuilding world can benefit from fueling their body with muscle milk throughout the day in an effort to gain weight.

Muscle milk will make you gain weight if you supplement your diet with it.  Some people report gaining five pounds in one month, while others report gaining only one pound.  The results may vary depending on your lifestyle and genetic make-up or body design.  By adding in more calories than you burn, weight gain is inevitable.

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