Does Fat Turn Into Muscle?

Fat cannot turn into muscle from working out or lifting weights, no matter what you do. It must be burned and lost, but cannot restructure itself to become muscle. This is a myth that must be dispelled. There is no biological way for fat to be converted to muscle or vice-versa. The body can only lose or gain muscle and lose or gain body fat. When muscle is not used, it simply goes away.

Similar to this concept, when fat is not burned or in excess it simply stays. Putting your weight loss efforts to the test with diet and exercise, fat is burned and it goes away. It does not convert itself into muscle.

The best way to get rid of fat and increase your muscle tone is through a healthy diet and exercise program. This means that in order to gain muscle and lose fat you must incorporate cardio, weight lifting or strength training, and healthy food choices that consist of lean protein sources, whole grains and seeds, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In order to keep the fat off your body, stay away from over-processed foods that offer little in terms of nutritional value.  Rather, stick to fresh sources of food that are natural and healthy.

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