When Is The Best Time To Take Vitamins?

The best time to take vitamins is after you eat, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some researchers claim that taking vitamins in the morning with breakfast can provide you with the much needed fuel and energy to get through the day, while others state that taking vitamins at night after or with your dinner meal can help you sleep better. It really doesn’t matter what time of day you take vitamins as long as you take them at the same time each day.

If you take vitamins at night on one day and the following take them in the morning, you may be more susceptible to stomach upset. It is best to be consistent. Also, consistency can help you to remember when you are supposed to take them because it will become a habit.

A wide number of people claim that taking vitamins first thing in the morning causes stomach upset, but this is only true if you are sensitive to vitamins and may be taking them on an empty stomach.  If this is the case, take your vitamins with lunch or in the evening with dinner. The object is to create a habit so that you do not forget to take them.  Be sure to drink plenty of water!

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