Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free?

Ever wondered if corn tortillas are gluten free? They sound like they should be, but the truth is in the labeling.

Corn Tortillas – To be certain if your package of corn tortillas is in fact gluten free, you must review the packaging and ingredients. While the simple name ‘corn tortilla’ should indicate that it is gluten free, nowadays, corn tortillas are actually made from wheat. As a result, we cannot say that all corn tortillas are gluten free.

The best way to determine if your brand of corn tortillas is gluten free is to read the packaging. Some brands state in big bold letters that the product is gluten free, however, some brands do not. The most recommended brands of gluten free corn tortillas is the Mission Brand Corn Tortilla. This brand promises gluten free products with no wheat found in the tortillas.

For those concerned about eating a gluten-free diet, some opt to make corn tortillas at home to ensure there is no gluten found in the product.  Simple recipes for gluten free tortillas can be found on the internet or in bookstores with a gluten free recipe section.

If you require gluten free foods, check your local health food store for options and available foods.  Many times gluten free tortillas can be found right along side the gluten free cereal and breads.

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