Does Drinking Crystal Light Count As Water?

Many people ask, “Does Drinking Crystal Light Count As Water?” Crystal Light is a low calorie drink that is good for you in terms of quenching your thirst, but it does not count as water. While Crystal light is low in calories and sugar, it is full of artificial sweeteners.  In pure water there is nothing but the H2O.  You wont receive a lot of extra sugars and harmful ingredients.

Some forms of Crystal light also have food coloring and dyes that are harmful to the body. Studies show that people who consume large quantities of sugar filled drinks weigh a lot more than those who don’t.  Sticking to water in an effort to lose weight will help, but consuming Crystal Light will not.

For people who consume little water and a lot of sugary soda, Crystal light may be a welcomed change. For these people, Crystal light is healthier than sugary soda. So in this respect it is healthier, but should not be viewed as a replacement drink for water.

Experts say that enjoying drinks like Crystal light is fine as long as it does not replace your needed water intake. The problem is, most people that consume these types of drinks do not end up drinking enough water. It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and supplement a little Crystal Light on the side, but in no way should it replace water.

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