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Will Ice Cream Make You Fat?

Ice cream will make you fat if you eat it routinely and in large quantities.  As with most junk foods, if overeaten will cause you to gain weight. Ice cream is high in fat, high in sugar and even higher in calories.  In just one cup of ice cream there can be as much as […]

How to NOT Gain Weight When Quitting Smoking!

Will I Gain Weight if I Quit Smoking” is probably the #1 question we consistently get… One of the side effects to smoking is that it typically curbs a person’s appetite.  When a person quits smoking, the common belief is that weight gain will occur.  While it may be common, weight gain is avoidable. Smoking […]
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Why Should You Cut Carbohydrates From Your Diet?

Should You Cut Carbohydrates From Your Diet? Carbohydrates have become an integral part of the modern diet. The hectic lifestyle does not leave much time over for cooking and preparing food. Hence, most people rely on junk food or fast food to fill their stomachs. While it is a convenient option, the quotient of fattening […]

Will Muscle Milk Make You Gain Weight?

Muscle Milk is a protein supplement drink or powder that can make you gain weight, if that is the result you are after. Muscle Milk is used by nutritionists as a supplement for individuals who are underweight and need to gain a few extra pounds. Muscle milk is highly nutritious but contains additional calories to […]

The Calories in Michelob Ultra

The calories in Michelob Ultra are relatively low compared to other beers on the market.  It is fast becoming an approved alcoholic drink for those who are trying to lose or maintain weight while still enjoying an occasional beer. One, 8-ounce, serving of Michelob Ultra offers about 95 calories. This means that you can enjoy a cold […]
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Have a Healthy Heart – Love Cardio!

Would you like to have a Healthy Heart? Some people call it cardiovascular exercise or typically abbreviate it to ‘cardio’, while others know it as aerobic exercise. The two are actually the same despite the difference in terminology. The former term emphasizes the primary benefit received. The latter term points out the main kind of […]

Should I Avoid Eating Before Bed?

Eating before bed, or ‘Nighttime Overeating’ is more common than not and people usually wonder if they will gain weight as a result. The answer is not so simple – it all depends on what you eat. If you eat junk food and high calorie foods every night before going to bed, the chances of […]

Can Drinking Milk Make Me Gain Weight?

Yes, drinking milk may make you gain weight if you consume a lot of it. As you know, there are several varieties of milk, including skim, 1%, 2% and whole.  There are also organic varieties that are free of unwanted proteins, hormones and more. Drinking too much whole milk can pack on the weight because […]

Can Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Coffee does not make you gain weight unless you drink it along with the consumption of junk food and highly processed foods. Drinking coffee alone does not make you gain weight, but actually slightly elevates your metabolism to prevent weight gain. Research studies are not definitive if coffee is the culprit in weight gain prevention, […]

Winning the Battle Against Snacking!

Snacking is the arch-enemy of dieting. Although we all know this, that doesn’t make it any easier to combat the snack gremlin throughout the day.  The snack gremlin is actually called “Ghrelin”, a chemical substance which lines our stomach and is in the habit of sending signals to our brain to demand an immediate refill.  […]

Are Bananas Really Fattening?

Are Bananas Really Fattening? The diet industry is surrounded with myths, one of which involves bananas and if they are fattening or not.  Bananas are considered to be a low-fat fruit that contain a half-gram of fat in one portion. That’s not a lot of fat! What makes people determine that bananas are fattening is […]
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Can I be In Ketosis and NOT Lose Weight?

You can be in ketosis and not lose weight, but it is probably because you think you are in ketosis but are not.  When a person is truly in ketosis, they lose weight and fat is burned.  The process of ketosis occurs when the levels of ketones in the blood rises and become elevated.  Ketones […]