Do Men Lose Weight Faster than Women?

The notion that men lose weight easier than women is true. Read below for the 9 reasons why this is the case.

Some say that men lose weight easier than women. But is it true? The answer is YES. Obviously that doesn’t mean women are not able to lose weight – it just means it’s just a little more difficult for them than their male counterparts. Let’s take a look at why men lose weight easier than women.

It’s Simple Genetics

Men lose weight faster than women because it’s simply hardwired in their genes. Men have more muscle mass and more testosterone. That means they have more muscle and can build muscle easier. Having more muscle means the resting metabolism is higher, and that results in more calories burned.

Men have Less Estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone that keeps fat on women’s bodies and helps them become pregnant. Estrogen and a lack of testosterone are the main culprits that men lose weight easier than women.

Exercise is More Productive for Men

A two year exercise study conducted on men and women showed that men could lose weight by exercise alone. Women typically could not lose weight from exercise alone. Women lost weight when they cut their calories through a combination of exercise and diet. The study’s researchers concluded that the combination of muscle mass and testosterone in men made it possible for them to lose weight when exercise alone. They also concluded that the type of exercise was a factor too. Men performed a combination of cardiovascular and strength training exercises while women engaged in mostly cardiovascular exercise with minimal, if any, strength training exercises.

Men Do Not Diet as Much

Most women have yo-yo dieted for many years throughout their adult lives. Yo-yo diets slow metabolism and can trigger changes in the body that makes it want to store fat. Men typically do not diet, and just eat as they please. Because they have consistent eating patterns, their metabolisms still function properly.

Men are More Likely to Exercise

Men are much more likely to exercise to lose weight according to studies comparing weight loss methods preferred by men and women. Women typically prefer to restrict calories and diet compared to men who prefer a more physical approach to losing weight.

Comfort Food Differences

Men and women like different comfort foods. Women typically enjoy comfort foods that lead to serious weight gain such as chocolates, pastries, and sweets. Men on the other hand enjoy eating foods such as steak and ribs – a more meat and potatoes type of diet. Although this is not healthy either, these foods do not lead to weight gain as much as pastries and sweet breads that women typically crave.

While it is certainly more difficult for women to lose weight, it can still be done. So don’t give up ladies! It just takes a little more discipline and better eating habits. Here are a few tips that can help you overcome your genetic disadvantage when it comes to losing weight.

Incorporate Strength Training

Women typically shy away from strength training because they believe it may give them a bulky look. This is completely false. Women do not have the testosterone to build bulky muscles. Strength training actually gives them the toned and trim look that most women desire. A combination of cardio and strength training is the best method that leads to weight loss and body transformation.

Eat a Low Carb Diet

Avoid processed carbohydrate foods like the ones that women typically crave. Sweet breads, pasta, and chocolate will kill your weight loss efforts.

Stay off The Scale

Some women have a tendency to become obsessed with the scale and weight themselves too much. A woman’s weight can fluctuate up to 8 pounds in one day. When they are on their period it can really increase. Weighing yourself every day will only lead to frustration. Instead, weigh yourself once per week and also go by the number of inches lost.

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