Are Marshmallows Gluten Free?

Marshmallows are a favorite snack food that can be eaten by themselves or added to your favorite snacks like S’mores(check out how to make S’mores!) and Rice Crispy treats. Marshmallows are made from mostly corn starch and sugar and are classified as gluten free products.

Marshmallow makers such as Kraft even put on their packaging that their products are gluten free. With that said, individuals concerned about this should call the manufacturer and address their concerns about the gluten free characteristics of marshmallows.

Gluten free living has become very popular among individuals looking to live  healthy lifestyle. Individuals who are allergic to gluten have what is known as Celiac disease.

Celiac disease is a condition that actually damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents the body from absorbing important nutrients that are needed to keep you healthy. The damage is caused by an adverse reaction to gluten in the system.

People that are allergic to gluten are typically of European ancestry and are typically female. The cause of Celiac disease is not known. It does affect the immune system and people with the disease have a much higher risk factor for autoimmune disorders.

So now that you know marshmallows are gluten free – enjoy. They provide a great way for individuals with gluten allergies to enjoy a tasty and sweet snack!

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