Are Twizzlers Gluten Free?

Twizzlers are a red licorice that come in a variety of flavors. People with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and those who just want to live a gluten free lifestyle for health reasons all want to know are Twizzlers gluten free? Read on to find out the answer.

Unfortunately the answer is no, Twizzlers are not gluten free. They contain wheat in them and are also manufactured on the same equipment with gluten containing foods. It is important to read labels and to also check the company website. Many people also call up companies and ask about the equipment used because of such as high risk of cross contamination.

But do not be too disappointed. There are a couple of companies that make gluten free red licorice very similar to Twizzlers. One is know as Candy Tree. These are difficult to find, but you can purchase them from various celiac disease websites and from the company.

So are Twizzlers gluten free? No they may not be but there are alternatives. Although they do not taste just like Twizzlers they are a great alternative. And as with any candy, be careful not too consume too much.

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