Are M&M’s Gluten Free?

M&M’s have been feeding the sweet tooth of millions of people all over the world for years. They continually are the best selling candy in the industry. In fact, they even have entire mega stores dedicated to them in cities such as Las Vegas, NV.

Many people are now trying to eat a Gluten Free Diet, so they naturally want to know if their favorite foods are gluten free. So are M&Ms gluten free?

The answer depends on who you ask. M&Ms are not made with gluten with the exception of M&M Pretzels, but M&Ms do contain a warning on their labels that say they may contain wheat in them. Why? Because they are often manufactured on equipment that also makes foods that contain gluten. This can lead to small amounts of gluten cross contaminating the M&M’s.

M&M company Spokespeople say that all equipment is washed between production runs, but that there may be cross contamination. People with celiac may experience symptoms from eating M&Ms because of this.

So although M&M’s are not made with gluten, they can have gluten in them because of cross contamination caused by shared manufacturing equipment. So are M&Ms gluten free?Technically they are, but you have to be very careful when eating them. Each person should be aware of the risk they are taking.

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