Are Nectarines Good For You?

Nectarines are good for you because they offer a powerful source of antioxidants which are actually converted into vitamin A in the body.

Not many fruits can boast about the antioxidant properties that nectarines have.  The fruit fights free radicals in the system that are responsible for making people more susceptible to colds, sicknesses and even diseases. Nectarines provide an excellent source of bioflavinoids and carotenoids found in the peel, which are responsible for the yellow and orange coloring.  Theses nutrients are also known to fight against some forms of cancers and other serious diseases.

Nectarines are rich in fiber and contain just enough to keep the digestive tract flowing like it should.  There is no need for a colon cleanse or laxative with nectarines on the table.  Nectarines are beneficial for the relief of constipation and often given to elderly patients as a healthy alternative to prunes.

In a half-cup of nectarines there are approximately 30 calories and zero grams of fat.  Nectarines are great for weight loss because of their low calorie content and rich nutritional properties.  A half-cup of nectarines is comprised of 8 grams of carbs, 1 gram of fiber and 1 gram of protein.  There is no cholesterol in nectarines but there is a healthy dose of iron.

Overall, nectarines are one of the best fruits for your body and digestive system and should be a part of your daily menu plan.

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