Are Heath Bars Gluten Free?

Heath bars are a popular candy bar that is enjoyed by people across the globe. Those with gluten-related problems have wondered if they, too, can enjoy the popular candy bar and if heath bars are gluten free.  We have the details listed below.

Heath bars are made of toffee and chocolate, both of which do not contain wheat based products or byproducts.  This is good news for those who experience problems with gluten.

Heath bars are considered to be gluten free, but no confirmed data is available yet to back up the claims made, other than nutritionists observations.

However, Celiac Disease Forums report a consensus that one of the best Halloween Candies for Celiac Disease Sufferers is the Heath Bar.  There are also a number of Heath Bar related Dessert Recipes found in most gluten-free recipe guides and cookbooks.

The key to ensuring that the Heath Bar candy bar is gluten free is to read the label.  The back of the candy bar packaging clearly states the ingredients found in the product.  If there is any question the consumer may contact the manufacturer to request a list of the ingredients found in the candy bar.

If you are leading a gluten free lifestyle then you want to be certain that Heath Bars are gluten free before eating them.  While the majority say they are, it is always wise to find out for yourself.

Remember, if the labeling states that the Health Bar contains wheat product, then it is not gluten free.


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