Why Do Men Have Higher Metabolism Than Women?

It seems almost unfair that women care more about their weight and appearance yet men have faster metabolisms? So why do men have higher metabolism than women? The main reason why males have a faster metabolism than females is their increased muscle mass. It takes more energy for the body to operate muscle than it does fat. Men have on average far less fat and more muscle than women do.

This means that men’s bodies simply have to output more energy just because of the way they are built. That means a man will burn more calories than a woman on average. Men have higher resting metabolisms as well as higher metabolisms during activities.

There is also evidence that certain environmental factors may play a small role in male metabolism dominance too. Men tend to eat foods higher in protein than women do. Women tend to snack on high carb foods. Diets high in protein can cause an increase in metabolism and lean muscle mass.

Men also tend to be more physical than women in the way that they work and play. Men are the ones who have more physical jobs and often engage in more physical forms of recreation such as weight lifting. Both of these things will increase metabolism. Some scientists say that over time the male body has evolved because of their more physical patterns of behavior.

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