Why Does Alcohol Dehydrate You?

Alcohol dehydrates people in two different ways. Dehydration is caused by a loss of fluid in the body or from not drinking enough fluids. Alcohol decreases the body’s ability to produce an anti-diuretic hormone and it also causes the body to increase urination. In other words, it makes you lose fluid by increased urination and also causes the body to lose fluid through a decreased capacity to retain water.

Experts say that alcoholic drinks can cause a greater level of dehydration than alcohol in beer. Why? Because beer is approximately 95% water compared to a much lower level of water present in alcoholic drinks. One beer has over ten ounces of water in it. One alcoholic drink may only have a few ounces of water.

Another reason alcohol can dehydrate you is through vomiting caused by over drinking. In general, the less you weigh the more alcohol is going to affect you. If you are going to drink alcohol make sure you also drink plenty of water.

The effects of alcoholic dehydration can be worse when hard alcohol is mixed with sugary energy drinks that also contain caffeine and other diuretics.

So now you know why alcohol dehydrates you. Just make sure to keep your consumption down and drink other fluids with it.

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