Are Milky Way Bars Gluten Free?

That’s the question that many people have been emailing us. Milky Way candy bars have been around for years. They are covered in delicious chocolate and filled with creamy nougat.

According to the Mars website and many Celiac Disease websites, Milky Way candy bars are NOT gluten free because of the malted barley and wheat flour contained in them.

People that suffer from gluten allergies have what is known as Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes skin and gastrointestinal symptoms that can be very painful. The only way to mitigate symptoms is to eat foods that are gluten free.

Many people also live a gluten free lifestyle for health reasons. Some individuals claim to have a gluten sensitivity that causes them problems, but do not have Celiac Disease.

If Milky Way bars are your favorite, and you have Celiac Disease or just want to be healthier and avoid gluten, don’t worry. Many other great tasting candy bars are free of gluten. But be careful to not eat too many candy bars due to the high calories, fat and sugar.

So even though the answer is no to the question of Milky Ways, you can still enjoy a great tasting candy bar of another variety.

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