Can Kiwi’s Help You Lose Weight?

Can Kiwi’s help you lose weight? Kiwi’s are good for weight loss because of their wide array of nutritional benefits. Kiwi’s also have low calorie content, and solid source of fiber. Nutritionists recommend implementing the fruit into a healthy diet plan and consuming Kiwis three to four times a week, at the least.

The fruit contains enzymes that break down ingested proteins, causing the protein sources to be absorbed swifter and more efficiently.

Another benefit of Kiwis for weight loss is that they provide the body with a healthy source of fiber.  In fact, Kiwis have nearly three times the amount of fiber contained in a Banana or Orange.

Kiwis contain Pectin, which binds itself to the fat in your body. Kiwis keep the digestive tract clean and fiber moving down the track in optimal fashion.  Eating kiwis in the morning with breakfast can keep constipation at bay and keep the bowel movements regular.  Improved digestion boosts weight loss and keeps the body healthy and fit.

Kiwis also contain Carnitine, which will help you burn fat.  The amino acids and protein stored within Kiwi can assist the body to synthesize Carnitine, which results in effective weight loss.  Kiwi is a great fruit for improving a healthy diet that leads to weight loss.

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