Can I be In Ketosis and NOT Lose Weight?

You can be in ketosis and not lose weight, but it is probably because you think you are in ketosis but are not.  When a person is truly in ketosis, they lose weight and fat is burned.  The process of ketosis occurs when the levels of ketones in the blood rises and become elevated.  Ketones are what the body uses for energy and are created when glycogen stores that are found in the liver run out.  A person generally enters the process of ketosis when they restrict carbohydrates and only consume protein.  This can occur in people who are leaning out for bodybuilding competitions or are losing weight through the Atkins model of weight loss.

If you are not losing weight while in ketosis, it is generally because the body is truly not in ketosis.  The body may be acquiring some of the stored glycogen from the liver or stored body fat.  Also, it takes time for the body to enter into ketosis because of the stored glycogen that is left in the system.  It can take several days for ketosis to kick in, and in some cases even up to two to four weeks for the body to truly enter into a ketosis state.  During this time you may feel lethargic, but the energy will be back if you stick with it.

Aside from the incredible and fast results you can from a Keto Diet, there are MANY other health Benefits too!

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