Are Pickles Good For Weight Loss?

Pickles are good for weight loss because they are extremely low in calories, consist of no fat to speak of, and can be filling. The main reason people add pickles(check out Claussen Pickles Facebook Recipes) to their weight loss diet is because they are so filling and keep your stomach more satiated when hunger strikes.  You are less likely to cheat on your diet plan if you consume pickles in between meals.

The crunch texture is quite satisfying for those who crave chips, crackers and other crunchy food products that are not good for you. When hunger strikes, simply grab a pickle and munch on it, rather than a fatty sweet or high calorie carbohydrate food.

Pickles are high in sodium, unless you purchase the reduced sodium variety or brand.  Eating pickles often may mean that you need to increase your water intake to offset the sodium content being consumed.  Drinking more water will help remove any bloating or puffiness added by the intake of salty pickles.

Pickles should not be eaten as the only food for your weight loss plan.  This kind of extreme dieting is looked down upon by the medical and nutrition field and should be avoided.  Snacking on pickles in between meals is fine, but eating a diet of only pickles is not good for your body or your weight loss efforts.

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