Are Pancakes Fattening?

There are a lot of breakfast foods that are considered to be fattening and pancakes are no exception.  Pancakes are fattening when they are eaten in excess and topped with a variety of high calorie ingredients.

The fat content in pancakes, made the traditional way, can be very high.  When you add butter and syrup atop of these fluffy cakes, you can expect to gain a few extra pounds especially if you over-indulge.

In one regular sized pancake topped with a standard amount of butter and maple syrup there are about 15 grams of fat.

Most people order a stack of pancakes and do not eat just one.  In three standard sized pancakes there are 45 grams of fat or more.  This is a lot of fat and should be avoided if you are trying to lose weight or reduce your fat intake.

The only true way to reduce your fat consumption when eating pancakes is to reduce the amount you  eat.  This means that you should stick to eating just one pancake, rather than 3 or 4 at a time.  It is also wise to limit the butter and syrup you use.  There are healthy options to butter and even no-fat products that taste great and reduce the fat content.

Since pancakes are fattening, it is best to watch your portions and portion sizes. Restricting how much you eat can lessen the blow when it comes to fat consumption.

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