Are Chips And Salsa Healthy?

Chips and salsa have been enjoyed by millions of people while eating at their favorite restaurant, watching the big game, and having fun at parties and get-togethers. But are chips and salsa healthy? In small quantities, they are one of the healthier snacks.

One serving of corn chips and salsa has approximately 170 calories in them. This makes them a great low calorie snack compared to other high calorie foods like nachos. Salsa also has antioxidants in it that can actually help your body fend of disease and sickness by boosting your immune system’s performance.

One serving of corn chips and salsa has several vitamins and minerals. The reason why chips and salsa are healthy in small quantities is because they are plant-based foods.

That doesn’t mean you should start eating copious amounts of chips and salsa. Both are high in sodium and the calories in chips can add up fast. Chips are low-quality carbohydrates that do not have much nutritional value. They provide the body with a quick jolt of energy followed by a crash.

If you’re wanting to make chips and salsa healthier, try buying low sodium salsa and whole-grain chips. They are healthy substitutes and taste virtually the same.

So are chips and salsa healthy? Yes and no. Keep the portion size under control and try finding healthy versions of each.

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