Are Legumes Bad For You?

The common consensus is that Legumes are not bad, but good for you.  However, there are two highly opposing beliefs that dictate if beans are a good source of nutrients for the body, or bad.

On one side, the pro-legume force, there is favor in all types of non-processed foods.  This belief promotes legumes and presents them as positive forms of protein, nutrients and vitamins.  They are reported as being a slow-carb that fills you up and makes you less likely to cheat on your diet.  However, the anti-bean campaign promotes meat, veggies and fruits and discredits the protein content found in beans.

Here is what is being said about beans and why legumes are considered to be bad for you:

First, they are difficult to digest.  Beans, if not properly soaked and prepared, can present harsh fiber that causes you to bloat and cramp.  Some even report the gas caused by legumes is toxic to the system, not to mention everyone around you.

Secondly, beans, although a slow-carb are still carbohydrates that are high in starch.  Eating large portions of beans or legumes with each meal can cause problems when it comes to losing weight and maintaining that trim and lean torso.

Lastly, legumes contain phytoestrogens which mimic and interfere with the natural estrogen hormone in the body.  High levels of phytoestrogens can actually disrupt reproductive systems in animals as well as humans.  Restricting portions can be beneficial.

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