Should I Avoid Eating Before Bed?

Eating before bed, or ‘Nighttime Overeating’ is more common than not and people usually wonder if they will gain weight as a result. The answer is not so simple – it all depends on what you eat. If you eat junk food and high calorie foods every night before going to bed, the chances of gaining weight are extremely high. If you eat healthy foods in moderation before turning in for the night, you are less likely to gain weight.

According to nutritional experts and medical professionals, overeating at night disrupts the typical sleep-wake cycle. Have you ever consumed a heavy meal late at night and had trouble sleeping or awaken to an infamous ‘Pizza Dream.’ Most people who have overeaten late at night before heading to bed report waking up fatigued and groggy, feeling like they hadn’t slept a wink. This is because of the food impacting the body’s normal body temperature, hormones and chemicals. There is a disruption in balance from overeating late in the night resulting in a troubled night’s sleep.

Not only does the extra calories at night add up and result in pounds, but the body does not burn the additional calories. This leads to weight gain, as well as a troubled night’s sleep. Also, when a person is sleep-deprived, the body conserves fat due to the onset of stress, which also leads to weight gain.

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