Can Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Coffee does not make you gain weight unless you drink it along with the consumption of junk food and highly processed foods. Drinking coffee alone does not make you gain weight, but actually slightly elevates your metabolism to prevent weight gain. Research studies are not definitive if coffee is the culprit in weight gain prevention, but do reveal that drinking one to two cups of coffee every day does give the metabolism a jolt.

Coffee may prevent weight gain because of the caffeine. Caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant and reduces hunger triggers that cause people to eat in excess. Caffeine has been examined and proven to reduce the desire to consume food or overeat.

Coffee does not make you gain weight because of its diuretic properties. Caffeine promotes water loss and decreases bloating. While water loss does not necessarily equate to fat loss, it does temporarily reduce the body weight. You may find yourself weighing a few pounds less than you did the day before simply by consuming a couple of cups of coffee.

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