Are Rice Krispies Gluten Free?

New and Improved Rice Krispies are gluten free and consumed by many who cannot eat gluten. While they may not be the same since going gluten free, they do provide a tasty alternative to many other bland foods on the menu.

While the old version of Rice Krispies was made with barley malt, the source of gluten in the original recipe, the new version contains whole-grain brown rice and completely eliminates the barley malt. By eliminating the barley malt the new version of Rice Krispies is now gluten free.

These Krispie treats can be made using the New and Improved formula. The product is a great source of nutrition for children and adults. Kellogg’s has done its part in joining the force of gluten free products! They attempt to provide quality food to those who cannot consume gluten, barley and other ingredients.

So, the answer is yes, Rice Krispies are gluten free, but only if the packaging confirms this. If the box doesn’t read gluten-free, you may need to avoid it.

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