Are Snickers Gluten Free?

People with a Gluten Intolerance or just individuals wanting to live a gluten free lifestyle still want to enjoy their favorite foods. One of the most popular snack foods is the Snickers candy bar. But are Snickers gluten free?

According to the manufacturer the Snickers bar is gluten free. In fact, the website and packaging specifically say the Snickers is void of gluten.

But there have been many reactions from gluten sensitive people saying they have suffered from the same symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort after they eat a Snickers bar. This has left many to wonder if the popular candy bar is in fact gluten free.

You may suspect that Snickers bars are made in factories where gluten foods are processed and packaged. If this is the case, then individuals with an extreme gluten intolerance may be exposed to trace amounts of gluten.

Experts recommend people read ingredient labels and then trust their bodies – even when the label says gluten free, that does not mean it does not have any gluten.

In the case of the Snickers, people concerned about possible exposure should find out what factories they were packaged at and find out if the same equipment was used to process gluten containing foods.

Most people with a gluten intolerance can eat Snickers just fine.

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