Are Raisins Fattening?

You may have heard all the benefits of these dried little grapes, but are raisins fattening?

Raisins are considered to be one of the healthiest dehydrated fruits on the market.  They are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, loaded with vitamins and nutrients, and chalked full of antioxidants.

They promote a healthy heart while lowering cholesterol while promoting an operable intestinal tract.  In fact, raisins have so many benefits that they were once recognized in ancient China as a magic fruit.

None of the evidence stacked up in the favor of raisins indicates that they are fattening.  You should realize that raisins do contain a natural sugar property that can be attributed to its sweet flavor, but they do not contain fat.

As with most foods, overeating can lead to a lot of extra calories, which can then pack on a few pounds.

Since raisins are high in fiber and relatively low in calories, they are considered to be a great health food and weight loss snack.  The natural sugars provide a great source of energy along with a wide array of health benefits. They are not considered to be fattening, but rather a nutritious snack designed to keep the pounds from packing on.

Raisins actually fight against the war of high cholesterol when eaten regularly. Raisins are not fattening and should be eaten in moderation due to the high amounts of fiber.

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