Will Ice Cream Make You Fat?

Ice cream will make you fat if you eat it routinely and in large quantities.  As with most junk foods, if overeaten will cause you to gain weight.

Ice cream is high in fat, high in sugar and even higher in calories.  In just one cup of ice cream there can be as much as 500 calories or more.  Ice cream is one of those junk foods that should not be consumed on a regular basis unless you are okay with the pounds packing on.

Eating ice cream occasionally is okay, but if you are trying to lose weight it should be left off of the menu plan.  If you have been strict in dieting for one to two weeks, it is okay to have a cheat meal to boost your metabolism and get things revved up again, and ice cream is approved for such time.  Ice cream is not recommended, however, for diabetics, as the sugar content causes blood sugar levels to spike and become imbalanced.

Despite how fattening ice cream can be, there are varieties of low-fat or low-carb ice creams that can be eaten to curb your sweet tooth and satisfy your addiction to ice cream.  If eaten in moderation, you can even enjoy a bowl of ice cream one to two times a week.  As with any junk food, moderation is the key to keeping the weight off.

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