Why Am I Losing Weight?

Losing weight does not happen magically on its own. There are always reasons why the pounds are melting away. Let’s take a look at why you are losing weight.

Increased physical activity

Whether you are consciously increasing your physical activity or maybe you work a job that is physically demanding, the result will be weight loss. Physical activity burns calories, builds muscle, and increases metabolism. Those are definitely the ingredients it takes to lose weight.

Decreased food intake

Losing weight comes down to creating a calorie deficit where your body uses more energy (calories) than it takes in. Over time the result is weight loss. A decrease in food intake does not have to be drastic for an individual to lose weight. In fact, a slight calorie deficit of just a few hundred calories over time is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

Calorie deficit

A calorie deficit can be created from eating less, physical activity, or both. This is the genesis of weight loss and weight gain. You lose weight when you expend more calories than you take in and you gain weight when you take in more calories than you burn – it’s as simple as that.


Certain prescription medications and over the counter medicines can cause weight gain or weight loss – even if that is not their intended purpose. If you are losing weight you will want to take an inventory of any prescription or over the counter medications you are taking. If you find yourself losing weight and have a concern it is important to see your health care provider immediately.

Potential health issues

Often times losing weight without even trying is a signal of a health problem. If you are losing weight, but have not changed any of your eating or physical activity habits then you will want to see your doctor right away.

Changes in circumstances

Traumatic events such as death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, or similar events can lead to unexpected weight loss. This occurs because some people stop caring for themselves adequately and skip meals. If you’ve been losing weight seemingly without cause, maybe it is because something traumatic has just happened in your life and you’ve stopped eating as much as you were. This may actually be healthier for you if you happened to be overweight, but the mental ramifications could be dangerous. It is recommended you seek counseling from a trusted professional to help you get through the situation in a healthy way.

Change in Season

Many people lose weight in the summer because they are more active. People that live in locations where the winter keeps them indoors can gain weight because they cannot be active. Also, studies have found that people eat more during the winter months because they are indoors more and because of the holidays. Also, summer time means warmer weather, which means people drink more water. More water means you feel fuller.

Smaller Portions

Smaller portions lead to weight loss because it increases metabolism and decreases calorie intake. Overeating leads to the body converting extra calories and storing it as fat.

Eating more frequently

Eating frequently increases metabolism because it keep the “engine” running at all times. When the engine is running the calories are being burned.

No Nighttime eating

Often time people that stop eating at night lose weight. Eating a night is a recipe for getting fat. Your body is generally sedentary at night so when you eat the calories are not burned. Also, night time food is typically very unhealthy. People enjoy sitting down and watching television with their favorite snack food like soda chips, pizza, and other foods that are known to cause serious weight gain.

Not Skipping Breakfast

People who eat a healthy breakfast generally have faster metabolisms and more energy. Skipping breakfast slows down the metabolism and leads to over eating at lunch and dinner.

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