Will Whey Protein Make Me Gain Weight?

Whey protein will make you gain weight if used in an effort to add pounds. But, it may also make you lose weight if you restrict your diet and implement a healthy exercise program. If you desire to gain weight, supplementing with whey protein may do the trick.

Most hard gainers and bodybuilding enthusiasts appreciate the nutritional value of whey protein because of the protein content. Some whey protein varieties contain up to 50 grams of protein in one to two scoops. Adding the protein to low-fat milk can add extra calories which also leads to weight gain.

In an effort to gain weight using whey protein it is important to select a brand of whey that is designed for weight gain. Some varieties contain additional fat and calories that assist with adding weight, while others are lighter in nature. To gain weight, whey protein should be used as a supplement to a nutritious diet.

In order to gain weight, food should not be avoided. The whey protein should be added to a shake that contains milk, yogurt, fruit or peanut butter in order to add in healthy calories.

The more calories, the more weight gained. Whey protein is a good source of muscle building supplement that is designed to get the body packing on pounds that are desired for weight lifting.

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