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Can Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Coffee does not make you gain weight unless you drink it along with the consumption of junk food and highly processed foods. Drinking coffee alone does not make you gain weight, but actually slightly elevates your metabolism to prevent weight gain. Research studies are not definitive if coffee is the culprit in weight gain prevention, […]

Are Chia Seeds Good For You?

Are Chia Seeds Good For You? Yes, Chia Seeds are seen as a dieters best friend! These tiny little seeds are typically organic and contain nearly 27 different kinds of key nutrients. With this kind of information available it is no wonder why everyone is reporting how Chia Seeds are good for you. Let’s review […]

Are Raisins Good For You?

Raisins are good for your digestive tract. They come in a variety of colors and offer the body a rich source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. They contain antioxidants which help prevent disease and thwart premature aging symptoms. The antioxidants found in them help protect against age related sicknesses and diseases. The antioxidant properties found […]

Are Dates Fattening?

While Dates are a yummy treat, the ARE fattening. They’re not going to replace a chicken breast or a big thick steak as the major protein source around which a traditional western-style dinner is based. Dates have a high fructose content. Fructose is fruit sugar, and it’s a particularly bad sugar from the weight gain […]

Are Nectarines Good For You?

Nectarines are good for you because they offer a powerful source of antioxidants which are actually converted into vitamin A in the body. Not many fruits can boast about the antioxidant properties that nectarines have.  The fruit fights free radicals in the system that are responsible for making people more susceptible to colds, sicknesses and […]

Are Lima Beans Good For You?

Yes, Lima Beans are good for you. Whether you have them fresh, dried or canned, the nutrient content for every serving will be the same. You should also know that Lima Beans are a grade A source of fiber making it an ideal food complement. Compared to other legumes, Lima beans lead the pack in […]

Does Endometriosis Cause Bloating?

Yes, Endometriosis does cause bloating sometimes severe bloating. Endometriosis is a health problem found in women that affects the tissue lining of the uterus and womb. It is specifically the endometrium that is the lining. When endometriosis occurs, this tissue starts to grow on the outside of the uterus and other organs in the vicinity, […]

20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight…

Here are 20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight, and its a GREAT video & a fantastic list of things you should be eating… BUT, always check with your Doctor before making any changes to your diet!

Will Whey Protein Make Me Gain Weight?

Whey protein will make you gain weight if used in an effort to add pounds. But, it may also make you lose weight if you restrict your diet and implement a healthy exercise program. If you desire to gain weight, supplementing with whey protein may do the trick. Most hard gainers and bodybuilding enthusiasts appreciate […]

Are Tortilla Chips Gluten Free?

Tortillas are an American food, and the major American grain crop is maize, which is gluten free. However, tortilla chips are made of grain flour, and gluten is a protein found in grains, specifically wheat, barley and rye. Since there are dozens of brands making variations on this tasty favorite, it’s important to check the […]

Can Drinking Milk Make Me Gain Weight?

Yes, drinking milk may make you gain weight if you consume a lot of it. As you know, there are several varieties of milk, including skim, 1%, 2% and whole.  There are also organic varieties that are free of unwanted proteins, hormones and more. Drinking too much whole milk can pack on the weight because […]

Are Cashews Paleo?

Are cashews paleo? That’s still open for discussion. In some ways it depends just how strict you want your paleo diet to be in terms of avoiding chemicals that may be harmful. Cashews have to be roasted or treated to remove the phenols they’re coated with, because these chemicals can inflame the digestive tract and […]