What To Wear During A Workout: A Guide For Men and Women

Whether you are a beginner or old hat at working out, it is important to wear the right clothing.  Fitness clothing should be comfortable, stretchy and breathable.  Fitness disasters have occurred because of the wrong types of clothing being worn to the gym.

There are several guidelines that should be followed to avoid embarrassments or problems at the gym as a result of clothing issues.  Before getting started on your workout regime, invest a little time and money in selecting the right kinds of clothes.

Guidelines for Men’s Fitness Clothing

  • Comfort factor 

For men, when working out it is important to have clothes that are comfortable.  Look for items that are not too tight in order to avoid chafing.  Some articles of clothing that are too tight around the armpit region can cause skin irritation and rashes that are painful and difficult to get eliminate.  Loose fitting shirts and shorts or comfortable spandex type materials are good for working out.

  • Choose the right clothes for the right sport 

This guideline is especially important when it comes to shoes.  You don’t want to wear football cleats on the treadmill, or running shoes while playing baseball.  Choose the appropriate clothing and shoes for the sport you are partaking in.  If you are working out in a gym, simply wear shorts and a t-shirt with the right kind of shoes that are comfortable and roomy.  Too small shoes on the treadmill can cause toe cramping and even leg pain.

  • Avoid zippers when lifting weights 

Most machines in the gym have signs posted that loose fitting shorts and zippers/buttons should not be worn.  This is especially true on leg machines.  Zippers may get hung up on the machine and cause damage to both the machine and yourself.  It is important to abide by the rules and wear the appropriate gym clothing.

  • Make it breathable 

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are going to pass out from heat exhaustion, simply because you wore clothes that were too hot to the gym or outdoors.  Cotton is a breathable fabric and a great selection when working out.  Other fabrics are available that provide cooling factors to make your work-out more comfortable.

Guidelines for Women’s Fitness Clothing

  • Make it loose 

For women who are trying to lose weight, the tighter the clothing the more uncomfortable they may feel.  Why enhance the rolls and bulges you are trying to get rid of, rather than covering them up.  At the gym, you are going to put yourself in uncomfortable positions so it important to not feel restricted.  You want to be able to move your body.

  • Protect yourself from outdoor elements 

If working out in the outdoors, it is important to wear the appropriate clothing that is breathable, yet protective.  The sun can do skin damage that is difficult to repair over time.  Wear t-shirts that cover your shoulders and other sensitive areas of your skin.  Sunglasses and even a cap can help shade your face from the sun.

  • Choose your socks wisely 

It is important to be extra picky when it comes to selecting work-out socks.  Socks that are too bulky or too thin can cause blisters that prevent you from working out.  Socks that rub the wrong way can cause problems with your feet and make working out difficult.  Try on the socks with your running or cross-training shoes at the store and see if they are comfortable before buying them.

  • Keep the girls contained 

A sports-bra is a must for women, whether well-endowed or not.  It is important to keep things intact when running and exercising.  Not only can the lack of a proper sports bra cause an embarrassing moment to occur, back issues and other problems may arise.  A comfortable sports bra is priceless.

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