The Calories in Michelob Ultra

The calories in Michelob Ultra are relatively low compared to other beers on the market.  It is fast becoming an approved alcoholic drink for those who are trying to lose or maintain weight while still enjoying an occasional beer. One, 8-ounce, serving of Michelob Ultra offers about 95 calories. This means that you can enjoy a cold bottle or glass of beer at under 100 calories!

Years ago the low calorie count was unheard of, but beer manufacturers today are paying attention to the caloric needs and desires of its drinkers. Michelob Ultra beer contains no fat and under 2 grams of carbs.  There is hardly any nutritional value in Michelob Ultra, but most people drink it more for the taste than for health purposes.

However, if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight, it is important to restrict the amount you consume and never over-indulge.  This is true of any alcoholic beverages, for obvious reasons. Michelob Ultra can still be consumed if you are on a diet, but should only be done so in moderation.  Drinking three or four beers can set you back 300-400 calories. That is a lot of extra time needed in the gym to burn off a Friday nights activity spectrum, but one beer wont hurt. With the low calories in Michelob Ultra, you can enjoy the taste of beer without the beer belly.

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