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Does Pooping Make You Lose Weight?

Kind of an awkward question, but a legitimate one nonetheless – Does pooping make you lose weight? Yes, pooping does make you lose weight. But it’s only temporary. Studies done on this very subject show that the average stool weighs about .2-.24 pounds. That’s right, your poop weighs about 1/4 of a pound. After last […]

Can Drinking Milk Make Me Gain Weight?

Yes, drinking milk may make you gain weight if you consume a lot of it. As you know, there are several varieties of milk, including skim, 1%, 2% and whole.  There are also organic varieties that are free of unwanted proteins, hormones and more. Drinking too much whole milk can pack on the weight because […]

Should I Avoid Eating Before Bed?

Eating before bed, or ‘Nighttime Overeating’ is more common than not and people usually wonder if they will gain weight as a result. The answer is not so simple – it all depends on what you eat. If you eat junk food and high calorie foods every night before going to bed, the chances of […]

Should I Workout at Home or the Gym?

Workout At Home Vs. The Gym If you are looking to get in shape by burning fat and toning muscle then you may be considering joining a gym and traveling regularly in order to workout. However, while this will certainly provide you with lots of equipment and be an efficient way to workout, it is […]