How Many Calories are in a Gyro?

Gyros are delicious, but How Many calories are in a Gyro?

These Greek sandwiches are made from lamb, and have lettuce, onion and a cucumber yogurt sauce that is very good. Something that tastes this good must have a ton of calories. But how many calories in a Gyro are there?

It depends on the recipe and size, but the average Gyro has 450 calories, 24 grams of fat, and 35 grams of carbohydrates. So yes, something that does taste this good does have a lot of calories in it. The fat comes from the meat and sauce while the carbs mainly come from the flat bread.

Its okay to enjoy a Gyro now and again even if you are trying to lose weight. Losing weight isnt about abstaining from all of your favorite foods. Its about setting healthy boundaries and having a healthy relationship with food. If you enjoy a meal out once per week, but you eat a clean and healthy diet the rest of the week thats great. You’ll lose weight.

Its all about setting limits. A Greek Gyro every so often if fine. A Greek Gyro two to three times per week is a bit excessive. If you want to enjoy a lower calorie version you can make them at home. Instead of lamb you can use lean beef or even chicken. And instead of whole yogurt you can use low fat yogurt and whole grain flat bread. That will cut the down the calories in a gyro by about 30%.

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