Aiden Davis

Aiden is a staff writer for writing daily about health, fitness, and wellness. Aiden is also a long-distance runner, swimmer, and health fanatic based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

6 Cardiovascular Exercises That Keep You Fit

Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to build endurance, lose weight, and keep your heart in tip top shape. There are several different types of cardiovascular training exercises but all of them focus on aerobic enhancement which means they train the body to be able to output energy over long periods of time at lower […]Read More

5 Foods to Avoid for Better Brain Health

We often forget how fragile our brains are. Think about it: your brain is made up of cells, all of which need to be fed properly. If you decide to give yourself a high dose of nicotine or tar, or a surge of sugar and empty calories, your brain doesn’t just sit there. It takes […]Read More

3 Day Diet Review

The 3 Day Diet is a highly regimented plan designed for rapid weight loss in just three days. Once declared a fad diet that dates back to 1985, the 3 Day Diet promises quick weight loss, lower cholesterol levels and increased energy. Most of the weight loss claims report 10 pound losses within a very […]Read More

5 Foods All Children Should Eat Lots Of

It’s so important for children to have a nutritious diet. The tastiest foods for children don’t seem to be so healthy when they are. For instance, many people believe that chocolate milk is too sugary to be healthy, but it’s actually just as nourishing as a glass of skim milk, depending on the brand. Overall […]Read More

5 Health Benefits of Jogging

Fad exercises may come and go, but one exercise that has stood the test of time and always will, is jogging. We were made to jog. There’s nothing more natural than hitting the treadmill or the open road and going for a nice run. Jogging for exercise dates back thousands of years and has several […]Read More

6 Simple Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

One of the most important things you can do when you’re trying to get fit is to stick with it! A common setback people face is just being too busy to get any exercise in. After a few days of missing yet another workout, many will call it quits. Don’t let this happen to you! […]Read More

7 High Fiber Snack Foods

A diet high in fiber is often associated with lowering the risk of heart disease. Foods high in fiber are digested more slowly, which assists in decreasing the rise in blood glucose after eating. As many foods that are high in fiber they often seem more bulky upon consumption, meaning many people find it difficult […]Read More