Aiden Davis

Aiden is a staff writer for writing daily about health, fitness, and wellness. Aiden is also a long-distance runner, swimmer, and health fanatic based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

10 Low-Impact Cardio Exercises

Low-impact cardio exercises are those in which your feet don’t leave the exercise surface (or do so gently) so that your joints are less stressed during and after a workout. The trick is finding the right one for you. Cardio workouts increase your heart rate, which improves cardiovascular health over time. They are among the […]Read More

4 Unusual Ways to Get Fit

Going to the gym can be a great way to get fit, but it’s not for everyone. A lot of us don’t have the finances to cope with the ever-increasing costs, and it can often feel repetitive or dull. But there are plenty of unusual ways to exercise that can be both fun and effective. […]Read More

8 Foods Responsible For Weight Gain

With reports suggesting that more than 70 percent of America’s adult population is obese, the falling fitness level and increasing rate of diseases has alarmed the entire world. Obesity is one of the triggering factors of many lifestyle-related diseases and ailments including stroke, heart attack, blood pressure problems, diabetes, etc. It also contributes to low […]Read More

30 Minute Outdoor Workouts to Get You in Shape

Many view exercise as a challenging task. When people think of workouts, their minds immediately think of strenuous high impact workouts that take place in a gym when in fact, this is not the typical workout. It is very easy to get into amazing shape with a quick 30-minute outdoor workout a few times a […]Read More

Does Oatmeal Help You Lose Weight?

Eating Oatmeal can help you lose weight if you consume all-natural oats that are free of sugar, butter or unhealthy toppings. Eating a cup of oatmeal every morning for breakfast can help you lose unwanted pounds, as it helps to fuel your body with the proper nutrition needed to keep energized throughout the day. Topping […]Read More

6 Facts About Abs You May Not Know About

Warmer weather has people thinking about shedding the winter layers, both clothing and fat, and hitting the beach. Nothing says ‘beach body’ more than a well-defined midsection. Men and women alike strive to achieve the coveted six-pack stomach. Unfortunately beer bellies and muffin tops are far more common than washboard abs. For all the attention […]Read More

8 Super Foods that Improve Your Memory

Memory is critical in terms of your success as a person. In a typical day, individuals are bombarded with technology which manages our schedules, our tasks, and our goals. However, in order to stay on top of all that we would like to accomplish, it takes more than technology or even motivation. Nutrition plays an […]Read More

Are Chips And Salsa Healthy?

Chips and salsa have been enjoyed by millions of people while eating at their favorite restaurant, watching the big game, and having fun at parties and get-togethers. But are chips and salsa healthy? In small quantities, they are one of the healthier snacks. One serving of corn chips and salsa has approximately 170 calories in […]Read More

4 Delicious Summer Time Foods That Will Help you Stay

Staying disciplined and avoiding extra weight gain can be challenging, especially during the summertime. It’s easy to get discouraged, particularly when looking to lose or maintain your weight by dieting. The desire to chow down on our favorite foods can make this season much more difficult as well. Moderation is always a good rule, but […]Read More

5 Ways Families Can Get Healthy

Losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t have to be a solitary part of your life. Many families are coming together in an attempt to get fit and healthy. In America, most family time is spent centered around food and sedentary activities. Video games, movies, and eating are some of the top ways families spend time […]Read More