Are Carrots Good For Weight Loss?

Carrots are a fat-free vegetable that can be good for weight loss. Carrots are good for weight loss because they are extremely low in calories and contain no saturated fat.  In one cup of chopped and cooked carrots there are 55 calories. The calorie content is the same for raw carrots, except the weight may change slightly because raw carrots typically weigh more than cooked carrots.

Carrots are good for weight loss because they fill the stomach up without adding calories and fat.  The stomach stays fuller for longer periods of time when you consume carrots and the crunchy texture helps alleviate cravings for chips, crackers and other high carbohydrate foods that are not good for you.  Carrots can be munched on throughout the day and in between meals without affecting the strict diet plan you may be adhering to for weight loss.  Carrots also contain fiber which bulks the stomach and keeps it fuller for longer periods of time.  In a half a cup of carrots there are approximately 2-3 grams of dietary fiber.

Carrots supply the body with a variety of nutrients that keep the immune system boosted and the metabolism running more effectively. Carrots offer vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, potassium and a variety of carotenoids that are exclusively found in this vegetable. Adding carrots to your diet can impact your weight loss efforts in a positive way.

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