How to Boost Your Metabolism

Every time you eat your body is converting food into energy.  The faster the metabolism operates the quicker the rate this food is converted into energy.  Calories are burned at a higher rate and as a result, pounds are dropped.

There are simple changes that can be made in order to rev up or boost your metabolism.  Below are some tips that can help you boost your metabolism and get you feeling fit…fast!

1.) Eat Your Breakfast
This is a mantra our mother’s have been chanting for decades, but eating a nutritious breakfast can help speed up a lethargic metabolism.  Every single day, if breakfast is neglected, the body goes into starvation mode.  The body has not consumed food for eight hours and requires it to survive, or at least it thinks it does.  By skipping breakfast you are telling your body to conserve the fat it consumed previously, causing the body to go into starvation and preservation mode.

A mixed array of lean protein, healthy grains and fresh fruit are great choices to help boost your metabolism.  Eating whole oats, blueberries and egg whites provides a nutrition breakfast.

2.) Have a Cup of Coffee
Studies from the Journal of Nutrition and Health reported people who drink one caffeinated drink daily increased their metabolism by nearly 15% over those who consumed decaffeinated drinks.  Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that many use to perk them up and give them an edge on the morning tasks.
Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system while increasing heart rate and breathing rates.  Some doctors recommend a cup of coffee each morning to boost an otherwise sluggish metabolism.  Caffeine is not recommended for people who have heart arrhythmias unless approved by a doctor.

3.) Drink Water
Consuming 10-12, eight-ounce glasses of cold water daily helps jump start a slow metabolism.  Higher metabolic rates can be attached to the consumption of cold water on a daily basis.  Research has shown that cold water requires the body to warm it up when consumed, thus requiring more energy.
When more energy is used by the system, more calories are burnt.  The extra calories do add up over time when drinking cold glasses of water each day.  When drinking water becomes a daily habit, pounds may be lost over time.

4.) Build Lean Muscle
Lean muscle burns fat, as well as calories at a much higher rate than fat.  Strength training provides a means of building lean muscle mass which results in more calories being burned, even while at rest.  The more muscle mass a person has the less fat they are likely to store.  One of the best ways to boost the metabolism is to build lean muscle.

5.) Eat More Protein
Eating protein with every meal helps to build more muscle mass while maintaining what the body already has.  Muscle burns calories, even while at rest.  Consuming small meals that contain protein helps to build more muscle while burning calories at a faster rate than fat does. Each meal should consist of approximately 30 grams of protein.  This portion is equivalent to one cup of cottage cheese or four ounces of chicken breast.  All sources of protein should be lean and nutritious.

6.) Start Interval Training
Interval exercise is made up of high intensity intervals of running, bicycling or other form of training that elevates the heart rate.  The intervals are short and require bursts of energy.  Some intervals may be as low as 20-30 seconds while others may be as long as two minutes.

The intense bursts of speed cause the fat-burning process to rev up while increasing lean muscle.  Interval training is highly effective in burning fat and calories.  Interval sessions last 20-30 minutes and provide an effective way to work out because the length of time is collapsed.  There is no need to perform hours of cardio when interval training can be done in half the time.

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