How Stopwatch Drills Can Improve Your Workouts

Stopwatches can improve workouts in several ways. They are like having a little personal trainer who tells you when you should continue your sets and push harder, and when you have had enough and should stop. Interval training is especially useful for developing strength and can be used for sprinting, boxing, swimming, weight lifting and just walking.

Interval Timing
Stopwatches can also be set in combinations of intervals such as two minutes and one minute. You can run for two minutes and walk for one, lift weights for two minutes and do side to side kicks or punch a bag for one, or you can do push-ups or crunches for two minutes and stretch for one.

Time Your Workouts
If your stopwatch cannot be set for intervals, just use it for timed exercises such as pulsing lunges, running up and down stairs or wall sits. You can time your whole workout and make sure you do each exercise for one full minute. This will let you push to meet the minute even if you are tired, and it will stop you from straining yourself by overdoing it.

Regain Focus
One of the main benefits of stopwatch workouts is it motivates you to focus on the exercise you are doing. This kind of focus is the main way to get maximum benefit from the workout. With a stopwatch, you will do the right balance of cardiovascular exercise and muscle building and not get so fatigued doing one that you can’t do the other. Balance is the key, and a stopwatch can guarantee that you keep the right balance.

Track What You're Doing
A stopwatch will also help you track your workout, so you will know exactly how long you have been on a particular piece of equipment or doing a certain exercise when you started feeling stress. You can time your workout to the last second and get maximum performance.

Check Your Pulse
You can check your pulse at any time during your workout. This will let you know if you are performing at optimum level or in trouble. If your pulse rate is too high, you may be headed for health problems, which is just exactly the opposite of the aim of your workout regimen.

Stopwatches are beneficial for everyone serious about using exercise to improve their health or performance. It is useful for timing daily walking or running, simple weight-bearing exercises, serious muscle building workouts and sports training to be in top shape for a particular event.

Time Your Breaks
After you have timed your sets and alternated your exercise for the required time, you can use your stopwatch to time your breaks. Many people, possibly the less focused, enjoy their breaks to chat or even have a snack. Resting the body during intervals of strenuous exercise is essential, but with a stopwatch, the rest need not take up most of your time at the gym. Let the rest be part of your workout, and time your rest just as you time your sets and reps. You can choose an amount of time for your rest periods. This set time should always be observed. When the rest time is up, start working again.

If you adhere to a pre-set time for your workout and breaks, you will find that the workout time goes much faster, that you are more focused, and that your muscle building goals are reached much sooner.

Interval training and timing your workouts are ways to make physical training more effective and productive. The type of exercise you do and the amount of time you rest in between sets or reps can be timed exactly with a stopwatch. People who use this kind of precision during their workouts, or for any kind of simple exercise, find that they get results faster than they did before they started keeping track. 


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