How Many Ounces In A Bottle Of Wine?

People love their wine. Red or white – it doesn’t really matter to most. The majority of wine lovers like either type. But, how many ounces in a bottle of wine are there?

This depends on the size of the bottle, but the standard size for a bottle of wine is 750ml. That equals just a touch over 25 ounces in a bottle of wine.
So as you can see it’s not too difficult to breeze through a bottle of wine in one sitting. For those of you that want to know the exact figure – there are 25.4 ounces in a 750ml bottle of wine.

There are other sized bottles of wine out there, but by far the most common is the 750ml size. To help you convert the number of ounces for other sizes of bottle it is important to know that there are 29.57 ml in one ounce. Knowing this will allow you to convert the number of ML’s to ounces on any bottle.

Many people do not know how many ounces there are in bottles of wine because they are listed using the milliliter designation of measurement. No one knows why bottles list units of measurement in milliliters, but most suspect that it started out this way because all countries except the United States use this unit of measurement so bottling companies kept it that way even for those wines distributed in the US.


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